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Drillship and Drilling Rig Derrick Assembly

As a Sole Vendor of NOV

As a sole vendor for a derrick assembler of NOV, a global drilling package provider, GSSE has delivered 89 derricks since 2006. 

For derrick assembly project, GSSE has operated 3 derrick assembly yard in Geoje, Korea and managed about 400 assembly manpower in maximum including IRATA certified Ropeman, Mechanic, E&I, Piping and Welders. And We have DAC (Dimensional Accuracy Control) Team who can provide the best accuracy control service for heavy structure construction. 

Derrick assembly begins with laying its foundations at the right position. But once we start assembling derrick, no one pays attention to foundations even though they bear total 2,960 tons of derrick weight. 

Just like derrick foundations, GSSE silently carries our duties as best as we can. 

Take a look Derrick Assembly Sequence here (Click

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