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Pumped Storage Power Plant Modernization by GE Renewable ​Energy

As an authorized direct vendor of GE Renewable Hydro, GSSE joined the modernization project for Samrangjin Pumped Storage Power Plant. 

Project Owner 

  • KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.)

Project Name ​

  • Modernization for Samrangjin Pumped-Storage Power Plant

Project Period 

  • Aug., 2019 ~ Mar., 2021


Scope of Work

  • Fabrication of Pipe and Pipe Support for Power Plant Unit1, Unit 2 and MEU71

  • Pipe Bending and Chemical Cleaning for Carbon Pipes 

  • Piping for PAC, GMA, MEA, MEU76, MEU71 Equipment and Accessories

  • Procurement and Service for Cables and Accessories

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